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If you or someone you know is struggling upon returning home and needs immediate, professional help–call the Suicide and Crisis Hotline and press 1 for veteran support or visit the website to talk with a VA responder.

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Face the Fight launched in 2023 and now has 175 coalition members and $85M committed to reduce veteran suicide. Learn more about what we did in our 2023 Progress Report.

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“There’s this opportunity for organizations like USAA, and other business leaders need to change the culture around suicide and talk about it.”

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“Celebrity Chef Rush has made it his mission and partnered with USAA and the Face the Fight Campaign to educate, provide resources and inform the world about veterans’ struggles.”

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“Connecting those dots about what we owe, and connecting those dots about the side effects of service and sacrifice of our veterans, is important.”

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“Face the Fight™ has released its first annual impact report demonstrating the effect that organizations and nonprofits together can have on saving veteran lives through suicide prevention efforts.”

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“UT Health San Antonio is providing experts trained in military and veteran mental health to help USAA launch Face the Fight.”

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“We recognize that one company can’t enter the arena of suicide prevention and expect to turn the tide single-handedly,” — USAA’s assistant vice president of corporate responsibility.

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“The initial $41 million in philanthropic grants will support nonprofit programs, clinical fellowships, veteran service organizations and suicide prevention/training programs for veterans.”

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“We owe it to those who have served our country to provide them with the care and support they need to thrive post-service.”

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“An initial $2.5M grant from USAA funds training of 200 mental health clinicians, screening over 7,000 people for suicide risk, and delivering suicide-specific interventions to over 1,600 veterans.”

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“We are committed to ensuring all veterans and military members have access to the care they need, especially in underserved communities where advances in health equity are greatly needed.”

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“We want to start by encouraging people to talk more about suicide. We have to break the stigma around it; without starting there, it’s much harder to get veterans the help & support they need.”

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“It’s so important to me because I have PTSD & I’ve lost a few people through suicide,” veteran & White House chef, Andre Rush says. “I lost one of my soldiers literally hours after talking to me.”

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“Finally, something is being heard. Someone shares your voice. Something is finally being done–not just for me but for other veterans and their kids.”

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